Sunday, October 29, 2006

Have I reached a new low?

I dont know why people set up blogs? Is it because of their memory is that short that they feel they need to record their pointless facts and let the entire world read their pointless facts. Or is it because they feel that their thoughts are of that political and social importance that people will sit for hours reading these words of wisdom.

To be honest I think it is just because they are as bored as me. I'm not that bothered if I get 1 hit or 1,000,0000 hits. It's a way for me to pass time without feeling stupid. Hey! for all I know is that one of my thoughts or pieces of information may be useful to someone.

I'm reading BBC news at the mo, so I dont know whether what I write is worth it, since I could just stick a direct link to BBC. But to be honest then there is no point to this blog.

One article which I'm just abit confused about at mo is "The Institute for Public Policy Research (IPPR) is calling for a "private right to copy"

I'm sorry but is there a teenager or adult who abides by the current laws. The BBC admits itself that millions of people copy CDs. How many get prosecuted for copying CD's onto their PC? I'm not talking about those who share music files since that is a different copyright law, but to copy music onto a computer for private use is done by everyone. Instead of wasting money on creating new laws to allow copying cds, why dont they use the money to do something useful in the technology sector such as creating bills regarding sentancing spyware companies. That is a subject which the majority of computer users will want to be sorted.

Hows that for a first blog post? And to finish the geekiness - LOL IMAO


Kevin King said...

Congrats on your first blog post, lets hope its the first of many.

Found you article on

Anonymous said...
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